I need to cancel...

When you book a studio at RS, you are entering into a legal agreement with us to hire that room on the date agreed, at the time agreed and for a set price. (£9.00 per person booked) You can cancel your booking up to 24hrs before your session is due to start with no incurred charges. Cancelation with less than 24hrs before your session is due to start or a 'No Show' will incur a full charge for the room: ie £9.00 per person who was due to attend.The person who made the booking is solely responsible if you fail to cancel in time. No one under 18 can make a booking at RS.

We all know that things happen and if you need to cancel at short notice for a genuine reason, we will take that into consideration, but be aware that: "i missed the bus", "i forgot", "Tom was supposed to cancel", "Dick has been feeling ill all week", "Harry got drunk last night and has not showed up" or even "Chelsea are playing tonight and it's a matter of life & death!" will not work! And yes, they are all real excuses we have heard! If you need to cancel, simply send a text with the date of your booking proceeded by the word 'CANCEL' to our dedicated SMS booking number 07790 759366 (eg: CANCEL 01/01/16)

...I missed the bus!